Welcome to my blog. I am on a mission to create a community of LAZY PARENTS who know they don't have to do it all to raise independent, confident and happy kids ready to take on the world.

Perfection Doesn't Exist.

Perfection Doesn't Exist.

Perfection is unattainable.

Know that.

It is the TRUTH.

Perfection in school, sports, health, relationships, work, and of course PARENTING as well❤️.

#lazyparenting is the idea of “good enough”. For both you AND your children. When we strive for perfection, and fall short (as everyone will in every aspect of life) we instantly feel the need to find a reason, so we BLAME.

We blame ourselves, we blame our partners, we blame our parents, we blame our boss, we blame the teachers, we blame our co-workers, and worst of all...



Children who are learning, trying, failing, figuring it all out for the FIRST time.

Imperfections in human beings is unavoidable. We must parent our children knowing this. Knowing that things will go wrong, expectations will not be met, wrong decisions will be made.

We must FORGIVE ourselves, our partners, our children. We must recognize that love is never perfect. We must continue to love in spite of annoyance, disappointment, hurt and discouragement. And we must remember the same holds true for our children.

Our children are resilient. They will be OK.

Remember that you are “good enough”. Actually, talk out the quotes. That minimizes it.

You are good enough.



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