Marriage FIRST

Too often, we as parents put our kids needs first. When in fact, our own personal health and happiness is most important, followed by the health of our marriage.

Raising Readers

Raising readers takes work - there is nothing LAZY about it! But if you want to BE a lazy parent, and have some free time NOT entertaining your kids all the time…put the work in to make them readers! And, it will make them more knowledgable, more worldly and more thoughtful about what is going on around them! I share 5 tips in this post!

Do You Know What They Are Watching?

How do you know what your child is exposed to if YOU don’t watch what they watch, listen to what they listen to, read what they read? It is your JOB as a parent to ensure you know what they are consuming in media and to ensure you discuss it all!

Who Are YOU?

Granola Girl invited me to a Breakfast event today. It made me reflect on all the things we are as moms and all the things others ask of us…but what do WE really want to be? What is our heart leading us to? Such a hard thing for so many of us to figure out!