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Intentional Parenting

Intentional Parenting

This one though 😍

My goal has always been and continues to be to foster and see her adventurous, loving, positive and kind heart grow bigger and bigger each and every day.

Sometimes it is hard.

Sometimes I just want quiet time. 

Sometimes I just need to hear my own thoughts run through my head. 

Sometimes I just want to shush her incessant questions away. 

Sometimes I just want to continue to listen to my podcast instead of listening to her constant stories of this and that.

And then I remember... she will only be this little, this  communicative, this open with her thoughts and opinions and feelings for so long. She is growing so fast. She will only be 9 a little bit longer. I can feel the change coming. I can see her restraint and choosing of her words more carefully beginning. When I miss what she says and ask her to repeat herself, she does so less willing than when she was younger and would repeat herself over and over again. Now, if I miss it, I may not get a 2nd chance. She may stop herself from sharing. She often does not want to repeat herself saying “oh never mind, it’s ok”. 

I need to remember to hold on to this time more. To listen, touch and engage with her more. To remember that time is fleeting. 

Her gift of gab, imagination and storytelling is that—a gift. A gift she openly gives me every day. A gift I need to remember to cherish and accept and hold on to. 

I often speak of my goal to be an “intentional” parent. To be thoughtful about the impact my words and actions have both in the present moment and for the future. I do believe that we all can learn each and every day how to be a more positive & present parent, one who raises our children up each and every day and models how supportive and loving relationships work. But this also means we need to recognize when we fall short. Where we can do better. How we can be more impactful and positive in our communication. How we can show more physical affection. How we can show more care, understanding and empathy to them. 

Just as we may want to grow and become stronger in fitness & health, learn how to be a better boss or a more astute business professional or learn how to do a new skill, we must also put the same amount of work into our parenting. None of us are born knowing what to do, how to handle ALL the situations, or understand child psychology and development. And yet here we are, thrown all in to the deep end of one of the most important roles on the planet, a parent. If we want to truly raise independent, thoughtful, empathetic, positive and loving adults, we need to put the same research, learning and intention into our parenting decisions.

In what ways are you trying to be a better parent today than you were yesterday? I believe asking ourselves that question each and every day is the first step. Join me in taking the challenge to reflect each and every day.




NO means NO

NO means NO