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Who Are YOU?

Who Are YOU?

  • Mom.

  • Wife.

  • Sister.

  • Daughter.

  • Friend.

  • Colleague.

  • Entrepreneur.

All the things we are to other people. But what are we to ourselves? What are we driven by?

Such a hard question to answer for so many women. Others ask so much of us to be so much to them. But how often do we get to sit back and reflect on what WE want to be? What WE need? What WE want our impact to be on the world?

We are so much more than any one of those things above. We are heart-driven, loving and caring beings who have more capacity to share these things with the world than any other creature on the planet. The question is HOW are we going to choose to do so? How are we going to take our individual spirit, talents, gifts and passion and make an impact on the world?

We may love children, love animals, love cooking, love dance, love yoga, love crystals, love the stock market, love real estate, love home decor, love painting, love building things, love creating things, love connecting people together…the key is tuning in with ourselves to find out what it is that we LOVE to do. And then, we must make the time and find the means to pursue that! We MUST!

As moms, we MUST take the time to figure out what can drive us to make an impact on the world. As women we MUST, because without women leading from the front, this world is at a disadvantage. Our communities are at a disadvantage. Our families are at a disadvantage.

Today I had the privilege of being invited to an event by GRANOLA GIRL where I was brought together with 30 amazing women from diverse backgrounds, each with a unique story and each with a heart that has led them to their current state. Many found their way through struggle and heartache. Many found their way through looking within and discovering what their special gift was that they wanted to share with the world. Many of them are making a difference in their lives, their families lives, their communities and beyond.

I left this group feeling inspired, connected, uplifted and driven to be driven by what I want to be…not what others want me to be. I encourage you to take some time, breathe, centre yourself away from distractions, and listen to what your heart is telling you. Listen to that voice that is saying “what if I…” and let it lead you to something that will help you be who YOU want to be.

YOU are meant to be what YOU want you to be.


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