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Lazy Parenting Hack - SMILE

Lazy Parenting Hack - SMILE

Struggling with your child’s bad behaviour/outbursts?

Have a surly teen who always seems angry or distant or both?

Have a toddler who is seemingly ALWAYS begging for your attention?

Turn their behaviour around INSTANTLY!

The secret? Make them feel loved. It really is that simple. Every time they walk into the room or come up to you, look directly into their eyes with genuine love and care. That’s it. That’s the secret.

When they come home from school, put down your phone, look them in the eye and show them you are excited to see them.

When you/they wake up and you greet each other for the first time each day, put a huge grin on your face, give them a bear hug and show them how glad you are to see them.

When your teenagers walk into the room, walk up to them, make direct eye contact, say hi and smile your biggest loving grin right at them.

All our kids want (heck all any of us want) is to be seen, to be heard, to be appreciated & to be loved. I promise you, that if you commit to taking just a moment every time your children walk into the room and give them the couple of minutes it takes to smile and show love/affection, you will dramatically alter the vibe in your house. You will see an instant shift in your relationship with them and over time with consistent effort focussing on this, make a lasting impact that will strengthen your relationship with them forever.

I challenge you to try this today. Right now. Commit to making sure you connect with your child the next time they walk into the room, ask for your attention, demand something from you or even behave badly. Take a second to give them your attention. Give them your smile. Give them your eyes bright with love. I promise it will make a difference.


Lazy Parenting Hack - CATCH THEM DOING GOOD

Lazy Parenting Hack - CATCH THEM DOING GOOD

2019 Vancouver Mom Top 30 Blogger

2019 Vancouver Mom Top 30 Blogger