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Lazy Parenting Hack - BUILD IN MORE TIME

Lazy Parenting Hack - BUILD IN MORE TIME

How’s your day going? Or rather how is your CHILD’s day going?

That’s the real question right?

No, seriously...while we often think of OUR day and how crazy it has been dealing with our child screaming as we try and do their car seat buckle up, throwing a tantrum at Target, having a melt-down at drop-off, taking every single item off the shelf a the grocery store, flat out refusing to get dressed today, deciding today is the day their favorite food is now inedible...

Let’s take a moment to step outside ourselves and into our child’s little body. 

  • Maybe that zipper on the jacket is once again scratching their chin and hurts like hell every time you do up the buckle so quickly when in a hurry. 

  • Maybe they see all the Halloween candy at Target and all the costumes and decorations and they are overwhelmed and anxious with all the thoughts, fears, misunderstandings about Halloween (“I have to walk up to stranger’s doors I don’t know and TALK?!?”) and the only way to let that out is to scream and thrash their body around. 

  • Maybe they love seeing all the bottles and cans and want to be “just like Mommy” and pick out the groceries today. Or maybe they love all the pictures and labels and in their mind it makes total sense to take each one down (what is behind them anyway?). 

  • Maybe they just don’t want to get dressed today. We’ve all had days like that right? Or, what might they be anxious about that follows the getting dressed?

  • Maybe they have just decided today is the day for a new food. They are sick of yogurt. I know I still do this as an adult, eat the same food for a long period of time and then decide I am done with it. 

As HARD as it is in the moment of chaos that we as moms tend to live in, it is important to take a moment and see the world from our child’s eyes, heart and mind. The truth is they can’t communicate very well, they don’t know how to control their emotions yet and they don’t understand the world they live in. 

A BIG thing I found that helped a lot was to plan extra time into every activity. A LOT of extra time if possible. It helps me keep my stress levels lower and gives me the time needed to show patience and compassion for the little bodies and minds who need it. 

Now this isn’t always easy to do but if we can plan a little more, be a little more intentional then maybe we can help save them and us a few meltdowns.

What are your pro-active tips to help stop the tantrums before them happen? Drop a comment below and share with us other moms your tried and true strategies.


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